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Lord's Day Worship

Sunday is the Lord's Day!


The Lord's Day is a gift from God in which we rightly seek to delight (Isaiah 58:13-14; Exodus 20:8-11). We gather as the body of Christ, both in the morning and the evening, to worship the One true and living Triune-God. Our desire is to glorify and enjoy the Lord in our worship. Thus, we practice joyful, reverential, biblically-regulated Reformed worship that seeks to read the Word, preach the Word, sing the Word, pray the Word, and see the Word through the two sacraments which Christ has appointed.  We do not consider the formal to be the nonspiritual, but rather the reverent to be God-pleasing.

10:55 a.m. and 5:55 p.m.

Nursery is available during worship services. Cry Room is also available.​​​​

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