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Our Deacons

In addition to Elder, the other ordinary and perpetual office in the Church established by Christ through His Apostles is the office of Deacon.  These men too are elected by the congregation (Acts 6:1-6), just like the Elders.  The role of Deacons in the church is to serve the congregation in its physical needs and to encourage the congregation to love and good deeds for others in need. They relieve the burden of the Elders, so that they may dedicate themselves to the ministry of the Word and prayer, which would otherwise be compromised.


Deacons must be called by Christ to their task, which is recognized by the congregation by His gifting of them for their spiritual tasks among the household of faith (1 Timothy 3:8-13).


The Diaconate chooses its own Chairman and Secretary from among its number, and then, with the Session, appoints the Treasurer to administer the budget of the church. 


Mr. Luke Dinkledine

Mr. Donald Hurst

Mr. Matt Jerrell

Mr. Erik Schmidt

Mr. Jeremy Shipp

Mr. Dustin Thomas

Mr. Leif Whaley

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