Our Elders

Our Elders



Only Christ is King and Head of the Church!  He is the corner stone, and the foundation of His Church is made up of the Apostles and Prophets of old (Ephesians 2:20).  These offices are extraordinary and unrepeatable, but they are not all the government which Christ has established.  In addition, through His inspired Apostles, He directed that the ordinary offices of Elder and Deacon should continue in the life of His Church (Philippians 1:1).


Elders come in two types: Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders.  Teaching Elders are commonly called Ministers or Pastors, and they primarily provide for the preaching and teaching need within a local congregation (Ephesians 4:11).  Ruling Elders are commonly called simply by the shorthand of Elders, and they shepherd the flock, caring for the congregation, and watching over her spiritual needs (Acts 20:28).  Together the Teaching and Ruling Elders make up the Session, which is charged with oversight of the ministry of the Word and prayer in the church.  In other words, the elders are called and qualified by God to care for the spiritual needs of the church. At CPC the Session normally meets on the second Thursday of each month and additionally as needed.


All Elders must be selected by the congregation from those so gifted by Christ (Titus 1:5-9).  The Teaching Elder (Senior Pastor) of this Church was elected by the congregation in November 2008 to serve an open-ended term on the Session, and the Tennessee Valley Presbytery approved and installed him in August 2009.  The second Teaching Elder (Associate Pastor) of this Church was elected by the congregation in July 2015 to serve an open-ended term on the Session, and the Tennessee Valley Presbytery approved and installed him in November 2015. The Ruling Elders of this church are chosen from qualified male members of the church, elected by the congregation, and ordained and installed by the Session.  Elder Emeritus is an honorary status conferred on sitting members of Session at their request, reducing their required workload.  The Teaching Elder (Senior Pastor) serves as the Moderator of the Session, and the Session elects its own Clerk and Committees.



TE Dr. C. N. Willborn

TE Rev. John Blevins III

RE Dr. Mark A. Buckner

RE Mr. Matt Cage

RE Mr. P. Bradley Clapp

RE Mr. Brad Isbell

RE Mr. Kenneth Senter

RE Mr. Kurt Schmidt

Moderator of Session..........................C. N. Willborn 

Clerk of Session...................................Bradley Clapp

Worship Committee.............................Bradley Clapp & Brad Isbell

Nurture and Visitation Committee......Ken Senter & Brad Isbell

Witness & Service Committee............Ken Senter & Matt Cage

Christian Education Committee.........Kurt Schmidt & Bradley Clapp

Administration Committee..................Kurt Schmidt & Mark Buckner




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